New thrust program

New Thrust Program

New Thrust Programme was started in the year 1999. It is in VI Phases. This is the Second year in the VI Phase.

The Thrust of the organization is to promote the people’s organizations among Resource poor Communities such as Women, Agricultural Laborers, Small and Marginal farmers and other socially and economically disadvantaged sections.

Towards this, SHGs are promoted at grass roots, federations are formed at union and district levels among two major sections namely Women and Agricultural farmers.


Various awareness programmes and Trainings on

  • RBA,
  • LHA,
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Environment


Various awareness programmes and Trainings on

  • SHGs,
  • CBOs at Union, District & DSSS level
  • People’s Bank
  • Children Parliament


  • Total No of Groups : 321
  • Total no of Members: 4768
  • Total Savings: Rs. 3,28,41,765
  • Total no. of People’s Bank: 12
  • Total Share in the people’s Bank: Rs. 47,85,069
  • Total Loans availed from Banks: Rs. 46,74,000